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Kill the Babies No Apologies

Feminism is Liberalism is Socialism (Part 2).


I have never met Jessica Valenti and have never had any communication with her. She could be the nicest woman in the world to her family and friends. However, her feminism is excessive.


Here is the title of the article I am analyzing today and where you can find it: “Free Abortions on Demand Without Apology.” Jessica Valenti. August 27, 2013.


Valenti writes, “It’s time to resuscitate the old rallying cry for ‘free abortions on demand without apology.’”


The statement under Valenti’s name on is: “Feminism, sexuality & social justice. With a sense of humor.” Well, nothing says sense of humor like a feminist hell-bent on social justice and abortion “without apology.”


It’s no surprise her position on abortion is a perfect match with the socialists’ position.


Here are two excerpts from the Socialist Party USA’s website.

Their 2012-2013 National Platform page. Women:

“We demand full support for every woman’s right to choose when, if, and how to have children, including the right to free abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy, without interference or coercion.” [Emphasis added.] 


Their Principles page. Socialist Feminism and Women’s Liberation:

“We stand for the right of women to choose to have a safe and legal abortion, at no cost, regardless of age, race, or circumstance.” [Emphasis added.]


So that covers the intentions of the Feminists and Socialists. Liberal Democrats coerce funding from the Government (meaning, us, the taxpayers) for Planned Parenthood. The Government schools teach sex education and the Underclass of all races have a disproportionately large percentage of the abortions. 


Planned Parenthood reported receiving $542 million in taxpayer money in 2012. 


“Free abortions on demand without apology,” Valenti writes, “Because being pro-choice means doing what’s right, not what’s popular.” [Emphasis added.]


I guarantee Valenti heard and read all about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell’s guilty verdict. She just doesn’t care. She has little use for logic, sympathy, or ethics. Valenti’s “doing what’s right” is an example of what I mean by feminism’s self-righteousness. (Terminology 209: Hard-Core-Selfishness Feminists.)


I will give you an insight into feminism. They have very high standards of behavior…for men. Don’t even joke about rape or shame a slut. Fine. But if a woman has had several abortions, feminists are indifferent, if not celebratory. Feminists want to set zero expectations and have zero accountability and responsibility for the behavior of women. Feminism is the complete absence of virtue for women. 


Prachi Gupta of complains about James Franco’s rape joke in an article titled “James Franco’s bad rape joke.” September 3, 2013.


Feminists, Liberals, and Socialists want “free abortion on demand without apology, at any stage of pregnancy, regardless of age,” and, of course, “with a sense of humor.”