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Feminism Is Liberalism Is Socialism (Part 3)

Socialism has many characteristics; one of them is its economics:

Capitalism bad/socialism good.

National Socialism was a form of socialism based on race:

Jews bad/Germans good, regardless of socio-economic class.

International socialist feminism is a form of socialism based on sex:

Men bad/women good, regardless of socio-economic class or race.


Socialist feminists are explicitly anti-capitalism and anti-male. (See the quotations in the Daily Vos article, “Feminism Is Liberalism Is Socialism (Part 1)”. Part 2 of this series is in the Feminist Media bias article, “Kill the Babies No Apologies”.)


Eventually, if everything goes according to their plan, socialist feminists will attempt to destroy womanhood and the wealth women have too. “Socialist feminism makes an explicit commitment to the abolition of both class and gender.” 


In addition to the need for a common enemy, another characteristic of socialism is the need for a common grievance. Which is why no one in the FLSUGbDpp finds it at all strange that rich, well-fed, white women complain about “oppression” as much as the poorest members of the Underclass. It’s how the game must be played. A key component of the grievance is that it must be easy enough to formulate (“we’re oppressed”) that everyone can play.


The philosophy of socialist feminism is romanticism, in contradistinction from rationalism or empiricism. (We, center right Americans, need all of you who majored in philosophy to fully explain the relationship between romanticism and FLSUGbDpp on your websites.)


At what point does Liberalism diverge from Feminism and Socialism? Liberals have exactly the same goals as the National Organization for Women, as listed in Part 1 of this series.


[This article is based on the entry “National Socialism” from the Encyclopaedia]