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Feminists’ Style of Argument



Style of Argument 301:


Feminists work endlessly to create the following syllogism:

All feminists are geniuses.

All feminists never lie.

Therefore, anything a feminist says must be correct and true. 


They are trying to make facts the least important part of the equation.

Intellect (logic) – Deceit (honesty) – Facts (statistics, science, data, information, evidence)


We, Center Right Americans, know it works the other way. First, look at the facts and then come to a conclusion.


When you start with the facts, you can see the personality flaws within feminists. The facts say feminists aren’t “oppressed,” but I agree with them that they aren’t stupid. The problem with feminists is in the remaining part of the equation. They are liars and manipulators. 


I want to show through the process of elimination how feminists come off looking bad. If you find all of the books and articles explaining the wage gap convincing, then the facts are against feminists who claim the wage gap is due to discrimination. If you agree that feminists are as smart, on average, as any other group of people, then the problem is with the remaining part of the equation. Feminists are liars and manipulators.



Style of Argument 302: Accuse your tone.


It’s a conversation stopper. If a feminist is losing an argument on facts she can still pull out a victory by accusing you of taking a tone.


Feminist: “don’t take that tone.”

Man: “what tone?”

Feminist: “that tone!”



Style of Argument 303: Feminists are “complicated” and “mysterious.”


It’s an old feminist trick to hide behind the notion that women are “complicated” and “mysterious,” but these words are just euphemisms for ignorance and logical inconsistency at best, and deceit and manipulation at worst.


Ask a feminist to explain why women do and say certain things and she might say, “because we’re complicated and mysterious.” It’s a conversation stopper. No feminist wants to tell you the truth because it will ruin the whole game.


A feminist can’t very well say, “we, women, lie a lot because it is an easy way for us to get what we want.”

Man: “What?”

Feminist: “We, women, lie a lot because it is an easy way for us to get what we want!”

Man: “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t like deceitful, manipulative women.”

Feminist: “Which is why we don’t tell you that ‘we, women, lie a lot because it is an easy way for us to get what we want.’ Instead, we tell you we are complicated and mysterious.”


Feminists aren’t complicated or mysterious. They’re actually pretty predictable and easy to figure out once you understand their basic moves. Feminism is an easy game to play.



Style of Argument 304: Verbosity. Controlling the conversation.


This one is just feminists dumping so many layers of deceit on you that you can’t correct all of their mistakes. Feminists are master manipulators and this is one of their favorite tricks. An honest, virtuous woman might have enough integrity not to do this, but when their core-selfishness is involved, feminists are shameless.


They simply rant for 30 solid minutes, for example, “We’re victims. We do all of the work. We’re oppressed. It’s probably a conspiracy against women orchestrated by space aliens. All women are discriminated against. I’m not getting paid one million dollars a year. We have to be beautiful which is why half of all women suffer from anorexia. We never get a fair shake. We’ve been oppressed in the United States for millions of years…”


May 20, 2013