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Term 201: Political Correctness


Florence King has the best definition of PC: “Political Correctness is nothing more than female touchiness writ large.”

Yes. Feminists can be very touchy and peevish. They put a lot of effort into looking for ways to be offended.


PC is the language of feminism.

PC is feminism’s approved of lies.

PC is potential future truth.

PC is redistribution of the truth.

PC equals Men Bad/Women Good.


For feminists, it doesn’t matter so much what you do, as long as you say the PC thing.

All of the above only works to the extent it does because the Feminist Media has conservative media outnumbered 10 to 1. 



Term 202: Political InCorrectness


(PIC) is whenever anyone tells the truth about an issue involving the core-selfishness of feminists. For example, “Feminists are not oppressed.”


By definition, opposing feminism is the most politically incorrect thing you can do, so if you really want to test your political and social mettle, opposing feminism is the thing for you.



Term 203: Femishist


It’s the bullshist feminists say.



Term 204: Femishist Logic


It is the absence of logic. It is highly polished illogic. It is every logical fallacy that has ever been defined. It is the sophistication of ignorance. It is absurd assumptions, improbable situations, and ridiculous conclusions.


To think logically is, to a large extent, to cease being a feminist. Imagine if a feminist said, “there is a wage gap because of 25 different job-related factors as explained by Warren Farrell.” The game would be over.


It’s why feminists never acknowledge the truth. They know that if they open the door a crack to the truth it might open the floodgates.


Note well, that it isn’t a fact that feminists can’t think logically, it’s that they won’t think logically when complaining on their own behalf. Their level of intellect and sense of logic is solidly average, but if they consistently use their intellect and logic, when the facts are against them, the game is over.


Their seeming lack of logic is just a ruse, which they expose every time they argue logically against men.


Feminists think it is better to be seen as illogical – which they can pass off in the fog of a debate as being misunderstood – than to be seen as intentional and determined deceivers and manipulators.


If they are seen as potentially, accidentally, illogical, they can act like they just really passionately believe what they’re saying is true. Deceit and manipulation shows bad intent and contempt for others.



Term 205: Confirmation Bias


Perfect example:


An article by Eleanor Barkhorn, The Atlantic, July 31, 2012. “What Women Get From Beach Volleyball.”


The article is about U.S. Olympic beach volleyball players Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor, winners of several gold medals. The article is a fitting tribute to both players.


But at the end, about their teamwork, Barkhorn writes, “So much for the tired old stereotype that women are constantly cutting one another down.”


One pair of beach volleyball players getting along and Barkhorn is thoroughly convinced. Each and every woman out there has at least 10 stories of other women cutting her down. I agree with Barkhorn about one thing though; women don’t constantly cut other women down. They constantly cut men down too! 



Term 206: Feminist Hype


Expecting us to believe all women are great based on little evidence while any evidence to the contrary is ignored. Think of Guideline 26a: Self-report bias. Portraying women in the best possible light, but with Term 206 applying to larger groups of women and sometimes all women.   



Term 207: Feminist Myth


For example, the thought that feminists have been “historically” oppressed. The average feminist knows very little about history, so anytime you hear one start with the setup, “’historically’, we, women, have been ‘victims’ of…” it’s femishist.


I will impart the wisdom to you this way: Feminists don’t get historical, they get hysterical.



Term 208: Soft-Core-Selfishness Feminists


Selfish, self-centered, self-pitying, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, and self-righteous. Self-preservation (even at the expense of others.)

Their entire lives are nothing but an unending string of lies and excuses. “We’re oppressed. We’re victims. Life owes us a living. This is all everybody else’s fault but ours.”



Term 209: Hard-Core-Selfishness Feminists


The nattering naboobs of negativity. All of the personality flaws of soft-core feminists combined with the politics of liberalism and socialism.



Term 210: Ann Coulter-types


(The names on the following lists are in no particular order.)


Camille Paglia*, Christina Hoff Sommers, Heather Mac Donald, Michelle Malkin, Debra Saunders, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Kimberly Strassel, Mona Charen, Naomi Schaefer-Riley, Amy Wax, Heather Wilhelm, Gov. Sarah Palin, Dr. Susan Berry, Susan Swift, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Florence King, Kathleen Parker, Dr. Helen Smith, Mollie Hemingway, D.C. McAllister.


(I read almost all of the articles these “types” write that appear on and a few in some other places. I might add more names to these lists as new people appear on the political scene.)


*Camille Paglia is similar to Warren Farrell in that, although liberal, she is fair-minded to both men and women.



Term 211: Thomas Sowell-types


Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele, Artur Davis, Dr. Ben Carson.



Term 212: Senator Ted Cruz-types





Term 213: Mr. Massengils


The all-time greatest example of a Mr. Massengil is Phil Donahue. These are feminist men who are so overly sensitive to women that even women find it embarrassing.



Term 214: Mr. Mydols


Real men who try to reduce the source and symptoms of female complaining by telling feminists to QYB.



Term 215: Temporary Victims


Anyone can be a temporary victim. For example, it is a valid use of the word victim if someone is robbed of their purse or wallet. We can be glad the victim is uninjured and temporarily sympathetic for the loss of their walking around money. However, we don’t owe servile sympathy to them for the rest of their lives. 



Term 216: Permanent Victims (Omni-“Victimhood”)


Feminists work endlessly to create a syllogism for women:

All women are “victims.”

I am a woman.

Therefore, I am a “victim.”


One of the main goals of feminism is to achieve permanent “victim” status for women.


Feminists want to make us feel as if we owe them servile sympathy, and money, goods, services, and resources, forever, in perpetuity, throughout the universe.


Note well, that a claim of omni-“victimhood” is distinct from being the target of a political attack. For example, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin are targets of relentless political attacks (male politicians are treated even worse), but they aren’t “victims” just because they’re women. In fact, both are well-fed, rich, and powerful.


May 20, 2013