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Stupid, Sexist, Sourpuss, Jenna Goudreau Insults Men

I have never met Jenna Goudreau and have never had any communication with her. She could be the nicest woman in the world to her family and friends. I only use the words “stupid” and “sexist” because she uses them in her article to insult men. (We need to show the same amount of respect to feminists that they show to us.)


I don’t want to treat feminists the way they treat non-feminists, but Goudreau’s article highlights a lot of the biases in the Feminist Media and I am tired of being treated this way.


Here is the article’s title and where you can find it:

“Women Aren’t Funny And Other Hackneyed Marketing Ploys By Washed Up Male Comedians.” Jenna Goudreau. 6/19/2012.


Goudreau begins her article complaining about how this “infamous” debate has “reared its ugly head again.” This “infamous” debate is about a comedian’s opinion that men are funnier than women. (Adhering to Guideline 18a: Omni-complaining.)


Adam Carolla is a comedian with a long and successful career in mass media. He is an expert on all things pertaining to comedy.


It is Carolla’s opinion that “dudes are funnier than chicks.” He is also quoted as saying, “they make you hire a certain number of chicks.” It is affirmative-action Hollywood-style.


Goudreau unintentionally helps him prove his point by taking it all very seriously. She is a sourpuss throughout the article.


Notice, he didn’t say there aren’t any funny women, just men are funni-er. He is probably correct.


Funny can be a subjective matter, but here is some evidence supporting his opinion.’s very own articles:

“The Top-Earning Comedians.” Lacey Rose. 09.08.10.

“The Top-Earning Comedians.” Lacey Rose. 07.13.09.

“The Top-Earning Comedians.” Lacey Rose. 10.11.07.

Comedy Central Presents: 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time. TV Mini-Series. 2004. The list can be found on

(Goudreau is adhering to Guidelines 7c: Feminist Media bias by omission and 17a: Selective research.)


Goudreau makes little effort to disprove Carolla’s claim. I think it’s because she knows she can’t. Instead, she just plays for the “tie”, and tries to discredit him. (Adhering to Guideline 8b: Men may be portrayed as worse than women, but no better than equal to women.)


She mocks him, “Attention must be difficult to come by for a middle-aged man…” She is attempting to demean him as out-of-touch and over-the-hill. She also demeans a few of his accomplishments. (Adhering to Guideline 5b: Tear down boys and men at all costs.)


She works in a cornerstone element of feminism, “blatant sexism”, and shoehorns criticism of two ad campaigns by Dr. Pepper and Belvedere Vodka into her article. (Adhering to Guideline 4a: Omni-“Sexism”.)


She writes, “The who’s funnier debate is consistently revived every couple years.” So much “oppression”!


She writes, “(although men seem to be the only ones asking, which should spawn a new who’s-stupider-and-more-desperate-for-a-headline debate).” So she doesn’t like the “infamous” debate about who’s funnier, but she would like to see a new “who’s stupider and more desperate” debate about men. (Adhering to Guideline 19a: Omni-Revenge.)


Consider this, if a feminist like Goudreau is this touchy and peevish about a comedian’s opinion about who’s funnier, imagine what she would be like if someone said men dominate the field of astrophysics. And that is her – and feminists’ -- underlying angst. If people are allowed to say that men are better at comedy, they might start to say other politically incorrect things too, and that would violate Guidelines 5b and 8b.


With her credentials and such a lofty platform at Forbes, Goudreau should attempt more challenging subject matter than provincial feminism; and leave the carping about “sexism” to nobodies, bloggers, and feminists at websites like Jezebel.


March 31, 2013