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Joan Walsh: A Master Deceiver

Here is the title of the article I am analyzing today and where you can find it:

“GOP's clueless ploy to woo women: Accuse them of whining and lying!” Joan Walsh. April 8, 2014.


There are plenty of articles explaining the “wage gap” in the entry called “The Gender Wage Gap Is a Myth” on The Daily Vos archive page. Long story short, there's a wage gap, but it is not a discriminatory wage gap. It is a fair wage gap that is the result of many factors. There are many reasons why Hillary Clinton has way more money than 99% of the people in the U.S. Her wealth isn't the result of being a racist white woman.

“The [Clintons] made more than $20 million between them in the most recent tax year [2007], and a total of more than $109.2 million during the period beginning in 2000.” (Clintons’ Income Skyrocketed After White House, April 04, 2008.)


Joan Walsh writes, “Essentially the GOP campaign against pay equity advocates comes down to telling women to stop lying.”


Walsh doesn't speak for everybody. Although she likes to think so, she doesn't even speak for all women. Speaking for myself, I'm not telling honest, virtuous women to stop lying, I'm telling feminists to stop lying.


Walsh's article is a good example of how the Feminists' Style of Argument 301 works. I believe that Walsh isn't stupid or ignorant. And, I agree with the authors of the articles explaining that the wage gap is due to job-related factors, not discrimination.


Which leaves the last part of the equation. If Walsh isn't ignorant, and if the facts are against her, then for Walsh to persist with the implication that the wage gap is the result of discrimination makes her a deceiver and manipulator. I guarantee that Walsh has read many articles like those listed in the Daily Vos entry. Get it wrong once and it might be due to ignorance, but if a feminist gets it wrong repeatedly, then it is a lie.


Walsh writes, “Republicans are unlikely to help their cause with a strategy that essentially calls women who worry about pay inequity “liars.””


Again, it isn't honest, virtuous “women”, it is deceitful, manipulative feminists who are the liars. We must make a distinction between feminists and honest, virtuous women. (See Guideline 1b: Omni-Deceit and Manipulation.)


Walsh isn't above accusing others of whining as she does in her article, “Billionaires' crybaby club: Someone get these whiners a bottle!” April 3, 2014.


So why doesn't anybody ever say that to feminists? (Guideline 10a.)


Whining and lying about “pay inequity” is exactly what Walsh is doing. She is guilty as charged.