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UPDATE: TV -- The Sewage Pipe

I bought a new television in October of 2013 after living without one for about one and a half years. It is a 32-inch HD-LED and cost $189.99. I also bought a good indoor antenna for $40.99 and the signal has been strong.


The first day I watched TV – mostly in reaction to the commercials – I said to myself, “I’m sick of it already.” I thought about returning it to the store, but I kept it.


I get nine channels. I only watch TV on Saturdays and Sundays. I made an exception in December and watched a country music awards show on a weeknight.


I want to encourage all of you to cut back on how much TV you watch for your own mental and physical health, and to reduce the bad influence of the Feminist News/Entertainment Media sewage pipe.


Turn off the TV,

Tune in to talk radio, and

Drop your subscriptions to the Feminist News/Entertainment Media.