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Fully Understand Women

Dave Barry wrote an article on, “What I Learned From Reading '50 Shades of Grey'” March 6, 2014. He says he is “sincerely trying to understand women.” Barry is a humorist, but it is 2014 and we, men, need to finally understand women.


Women are actually quite easy to understand once you get the hang of it. Understanding women doesn't mean they will be much easier for you to deal with, but it does mean that you will understand why they are being so difficult.


One thing is for certain, you won't be able to fully understand women if you don't account for their personality flaws. The only way to fully understand women is to fully understand women, and that means understanding their flaws. You have to get rid of the notion that women are perfect. They are not.


Women should welcome this too, fully understanding your personality flaws will enable men to walk on eggshells and tip-toe around you if (strike the word if) when necessary. Of course, there is a difference between a valid flaw or valid complaint and feminists complaining about nonsense such as “oppression.”


If you like the idea of “mysterious” and “complicated” women (Style of Argument 303) and you like to put them on a high pedestal of perfection (Guideline 27a), you should stop reading this website. Because once you see feminists for what they really are, it is something that you cannot un-see.


We need to tolerate some flaws women have as part of human nature – just as we need to with men – but we need to oppose the effort feminists are making to exacerbate their flaws.


It is important to remember that we must make a distinction between feminist women and honest, virtuous women (Guideline 1b).


Pre-relationship experts, such as Erik “Mystery” von Markovik, have done a lot of good helping men understand women's tendencies during their first encounters. What we need now are non-feminist experts helping men understand women during dating relationships, marriage relationships, and even during divorce and post-marriage relationships. We need more experts, such as Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who wrote the excellent book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, and Dr. Helen Smith, who wrote the excellent book, Men on Strike.


Unlike feminists, Drs. Schlessinger and Smith actually have expectations for what wives and mothers should do for their families.


We need to oppose feminism in interpersonal relationships. I am looking for help from all of you in analyzing and opposing feminism on all levels: socialist feminism in the government and economy, liberal feminism in politics and legislation, and radical feminism in schools, news/entertainment media, and culture. Of course, there is a lot of overlap in all of these types of feminism.