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Cast a Protest Vote

Here is something I want all of us to consider doing if a sellout politician gets the Republican Party nomination to run for president: Get out and cast a protest vote against the sellout Republican nominee by voting for a third party candidate.


Let me clarify the terms in this plan. By sellout, I mean the type of politician that some of you call RINOs (Republicans-in-name-only), Demicans or Republicrats, establishment types, compulsive flip-floppers, and many other less polite words.


Specific examples include John Ellis Bush and Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, but there are many others. Senator Graham is a lot like Senator John McCain. Graham, Rubio, and McCain were part of the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” senators pushing for so-called comprehensive immigration reform, along with Democratic feminist Senators Schumer and Durbin.


Examples of third parties are the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, and Conservative Party.


The point is not to win with any of these parties, it is to show our contempt for sellout Republican politicians, and for the Republican establishment like the Republican National Committee, and for advisers such as Karl Rove and Grover Norquist among many others.


Here are a couple of paragraphs about John Bush's anti-American borders and anti-traditional marriage positions. “Top GOP donors, in a conference call organized by Grover Norquist, who has pushed comprehensive amnesty legislation, and Michael Bloomberg's pro-amnesty Partnership for a New American Economy, praised Bush for his pro-amnesty views. Spencer Zwick, who led Mitt Romney's fundraising efforts, went as far to say that any serious GOP contender should share Bush's pro-amnesty views.”

“Bush has hired Tim Miller...who is gay; longtime aide Sally Bradshaw, whose support for her pro-gay preacher...and Mike Murphy...[signed] a 2013 brief calling on the Supreme Court to overturn California's same-sex marriage ban”. (“Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Abortion Donors Fueling Jeb Bush's Fundraising”. Tony Lee. Big Government. 26 Feb. 2015.)


What advice do you think all of the above people will give to John Bush about abortion?


John Bush is a rabid supporter of Common Core. Do a search on for “Bush Common Core” and you will be surprised. Or, if you know anything about Bush, you won't be surprised at all.


We shall refuse to be complicit in such treachery!


I don't have anything personally against John Bush et al. Nor, am I a shill for any of the third parties listed above. I am actually registered as a Republican, so I don't care which third party you cast a protest vote for. What I can't do any longer is watch silently while the political class play us for fools.


John Bush et al. -- and their advisers and consultants -- think we will vote for any Republican out of mindless habit. The vast majority of voters do exactly that, politicians of both parties count on it, and the lemming concept behind it is taught in political science courses. (The concept is typically analogized, if the Democrats ran Daffy Duck, he would get 47% of the vote. If Republicans ran Donald Duck, he would get 47% of the vote. They compete over the small percentage of remaining voters.)


But this could work just as well in our favor. If the political class encouraged principled, patriotic, Republicans to run for office, the vast majority of Republican voters would vote for him and the base would be energized which in turn would help drive up more voters.


So why don't they encourage such Republicans? The one-party system of Demicans-Republicrats won't allow it. It has gotten to the point where it's like voting in a communist country. The communist party hand-picks five communists and then they allow you to vote for one of the five communists. To be precise, our nation is sinking deeper and deeper into authoritarian socialist feminism.


We need to stop looking for just any Republican contender to throw our votes at and start waiting for a Republican contender willing to continually earn our votes. Until then, I think we should cast our votes for third parties.


Imagine the following result in the next presidential election: Democrat 46%, Bush 42%, and right of center third parties a combined 10%. I'm accounting for communist and socialist parties taking 2% from the Democrat in this scenario.


Now, I want to stress a few points and address some potential questions and concerns.


It is critically important that you get out and actually cast a protest vote. We need to show the political class how many votes they aren't getting. Don't stay home on election day! It's what both political parties want. They would rather spend $1,000 per vote on just one million voters than spend $10 per vote on 100 million voters. It is easier for both parties to pander to fewer voters rather than more voters.


Not voting at all actually makes Republicans go to the left. Not voting means the remaining voters are now more liberal as a group because some right of center voters are absent. Republicans then campaign to that smaller group.


Isn't voting for a third party candidate just wasting my vote? No. Staying home and not voting at all is wasting your vote! This plan will show the politicians just how many votes they're missing.


Isn't voting for a third party really just a vote for the Democrat? No! We aren't voting for the Democrat. In fact, in a way, we are casting a protest vote against both parties. Voting for John Bush is a vote for a liberal Demican.


If I vote for a third party, do I need to memorize the complete history and philosophical underpinnings of that third party? You can if you want to, but we are casting a protest vote against the Republican sellout, not so much for the third party, so you don't need to.


Don't entertain anybody's ideas about starting yet another third party. We already have several third parties.


Why not spend all of our time, energy, and money, in a futile attempt to pass a constitutional amendment ending the Federal Reserve or something? Let's try to do what is possible and easier first.


This plan is limited to presidential elections. Continue to vote for good Republicans (if any) in congressional and state races.


If Mr. Bush is elected he will reward his cronies and if Mrs. Rudebush is elected she will reward her cronies, but that doesn't make any difference to, us, regular people either way. We aren't asking for much. The three issues I want emphasized are: balance the budget, end affirmative action – except for the disabled and veterans, and put a moratorium on all immigration for a while. I like Ron Paul's budget “Plan to Restore America”. Of course, the socialist feminists' government, legal system, economy, and culture, would never allow these solutions because the problems are their goal: money, power, control, and culture.


I think you can tell by the content on this website that I give these things a lot of thought. I even have the psychology of women figured out which is an enigma to most men. So, put some thought into this plan and if you can't stomach voting for a sellout Republican candidate, make sure you go out on election day and cast a protest vote for a third party candidate.