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Feminism Is Liberalism Is Socialism (Part 1)

The three main branches of feminism are: socialist feminism, liberal feminism, and radical feminism.


Socialist feminists want to control the economy (and everything else). It is totalitarian feminism.

Liberal (Democratic Party) feminists want to control the government.

Feminists of all types want to control the culture.


Alison Jaggar is a socialist feminist. Here are just a few examples from her book, Feminist Politics and Human Nature:

“The goal of socialist feminism is to abolish the social relations that constitute humans not only as workers and capitalists but also as women and men. Whereas one version of radical feminism takes the human ideal to be a woman, the ideal of socialist feminism is that women (and men) will disappear as socially constituted categories.” Page 132.


“Socialist feminism makes an explicit commitment to the abolition of both class and gender.” Page 317.


“Just as socialist feminists are committed to abolishing workerhood and womanhood as social categories, so their political values and their conception of human nature may require them also to abolish childhood.” Page 343.


“The socialist feminist strategy is to support some ‘mixed’ socialist organizations, but also to form independent women’s groups and ultimately an independent women’s movement committed with equal dedication to the destruction of capitalism and the destruction of male dominance.” Page 330.


Do you want to know what Jaggar is doing these days? She’s teaching your kids. Jaggar is a professor of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Colorado. (See Political Matchups 105.)


Here are just a few examples showing how feminism and socialism are synonymous from the Socialist Party USA’s website.

Their Platform page. Women:

“The Socialist Party is a socialist feminist organization that recognizes that a struggle against habitual male dominance and patriarchy must go hand in hand with any struggle against capitalism.”


Their Commissions page. Womens Commission:

“Without feminism there can be no socialism; and without socialism, feminism cannot achieve the goals it espouses.”


Gloria Steinem, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Cornel West are Honorary Chairs of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Here are just a few examples from DSA’s website.


From the DSA’s document Where We Stand: Building the Next Left.

Section 1:

“Our conception of socialism is also deeply feminist and anti-racist.” And, “Gender equality requires great changes in social attitudes, in economic and social structures, and in relationships between men and women and adults and children.”


The feminists’ immediate political goal is easy to understand. Their goal is to elect liberal Democratic Party politicians.


Section 4:

“Socialists have historically supported public ownership and control of the major economic institutions of society – the large corporations – in order to eliminate the injustice and inequality of a class-based society, and have depended on the organization of a working class party to gain state power to achieve such ends. In the United States, socialists joined with others on the Left to build a broad-based, anti-corporate coalition, with the unions at the center, to address the needs of the majority by opposing the excesses of private enterprise. Many socialists have seen the Democratic Party, since at least the New Deal, as the key political arena in which to consolidate this coalition, because the Democratic Party held the allegiance of our natural allies. Through control of the government by the Democratic Party coalition, led by anti-corporate forces, a progressive program regulating the corporations, redistributing income, fostering economic growth and expanding social programs could be realized.”


In their own words, the above is exactly what I describe on the Political Matchups page. Just change “working class” in the first sentence to Underclass.


Section 6:

“The [DSA’s] founding document called for carrying out a strategy and program that were already the mainstays of mass liberalism, but moving this broad liberal coalition considerably to the left.”


Norman Thomas ran as a Socialist for President of the U.S. six times. His grandson, Evan Thomas, was the editor of Newsweek for many years. If ever there was an example of a liberal media publication, it’s Newsweek.


Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC is a socialist.


Here are the “key issues” on the National Organization for Women’s website:

Abortion Rights/Reproductive Issues

Violence Against Women

Constitutional Equality

Promoting Diversity/Ending Racism

Lesbian Rights

Economic Justice

Affirmative Action

Disability Rights

Family/Family Law

Fighting the Right

Global Feminism



Judicial Nominations


Marriage Equality

Media Activism

Mothers/Caregivers Economic Rights

Working for Peace

Social Security

Supreme Court

Title IX/Education


Women-Friendly Workplace

Women in the Military

Young Feminist Programs


This (Part 1) is a brief overview of feminism is liberalism is socialism. The connection among the three is a huge area of concern that demands more attention from a lot more of us in the new media.


I urgently request all of you with ability, motivation, and new media capability, to use the Guidelines, and begin analyzing the agendas of the Democratic Socialists of America and the Socialist Party USA, and NOW’s “key issues”.