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Why so Little Opposition to Feminism?

Kathleen Parker, in her excellent book Save the Males, writes, “The men’s movement has been in gestation for about twenty years and has yet to quicken, much less emerge to alter the gender ecosystem.”


So why has the alternative to feminism, liberalism, and socialism been floundering for so long? Why has it taken so long for us, center right Americans, to speak out against the excesses of feminism? Here are some answers and explanations. 


Feminists dominate the news and entertainment media, which is why I call it the Feminist Media. Before the resurgence of talk radio (thanks to Rush Limbaugh) and the advent of the Internet, we had little access to the mass media of newspapers and TV.


Men help women but the Feminist Media refuses to help men. It would be easy for journalists and reporters to find stories about how men have been mistreated. They just don’t want to. Why not? Because that ruins the game. The game is, all women are “victims” and need bigger government. If men are ever shown to be (temporary) victims, it takes some of the focus off of women. The Feminist Media isn’t unaware of our message. The Feminist Media opposes our message.   


We have so many more important issues to think about, such as the federal budget and the total national debt, among other big issues that affect every American. We care about everybody but feminists care only about themselves. When you consider how little access we had to mass media, it made sense to give some issues higher priority. We must not take the Internet for granted. It is our big chance to spread our message.


Here is a conversation between P.J. O’Rourke and Andy Ferguson from O’Rourke’s excellent book, Parliament of Whores.

“How come,” I asked Andy, “whenever something upsets the Left, you see immediate marches and parades and rallies with signs already printed and rhyming slogans already composed, whereas whenever something upsets the Right, you see two members of the Young Americans for Freedom waving a six-inch American flag?”

“We have jobs,” said Andy.


Feminists are complainers by nature, but men and honest, virtuous women are not. The proof? For just one example, men don’t sit around and complain about “oppression”. You can prove it for yourself by taking the original Craig Vos challenge #1. Note, we don’t want to increase male complaining; we want to decrease female complaining.


We thought feminists would eventually wise-up and stop complaining so much if we were nice and voluntarily conceded ground. I have to admit that I thought this way, but they never wised-up and now I feel like such a fool for having thought they ever would. Feminists take everything you are willing to give and then they immediately demand more. Then, they take everything they can get and immediately demand more. And, so on. 


We are too nice. Sometimes, but not always, there are complementing attributes and flaws between men and women. Generally speaking:

Men are easier to deal with but more difficult to talk to, while

Women are more difficult to deal with but easier to talk to.

We have been too nice for too long about excessive feminism. We need to show the same amount of respect to feminists that they show to us. We will continue to be loyal, respectful, husbands, fathers, and men, to honest, virtuous, wives, mothers, and women.


For lack of a better term, chivalry. There once was an unwritten code of etiquette for ladies and gentlemen. Feminists broke their part of the code and not only stopped respecting men, they started undermining every American institution. Why? This whole website is devoted to answering that question so I will give just one brief answer. All of the Founding Fathers of our nation were male. So from the feminists’ perspective, the USA will always have the taint of non-feminism; therefore, every institution within it must be completely torn down and replaced with socialist feminism.