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How to Avoid Marrying a Feminist

I love what Erik “Mystery” von Markovik is doing to help men get dates. On a deeper level, he shows how women respond in predictable ways to certain social cues making them more likely to agree to a date.


Mystery’s methods are psychologically sound. For example, instead of using a “line” on women, he teaches men to open up a conversation with pre-planned questions and topics. Women love to talk.


If you’re good at this type of thing, it’s called having “game”.


Congratulations, you got the girl, but here is what men need to know. Your “game” is ending where her “game” is just beginning. If you aren’t careful, she will use her “game” to nag your ass throughout the relationship until the day you die.


You put effort into flirting with her and briefly manipulating her into dating you, but if you’re married to her for 50 years, that’s 18,250 days she gets to manipulate you.


Which is why I am offering advice on how to avoid marrying a bad woman (a feminist).


Simply apply the Original Craig Vos Challenge #1. Ask her if she thinks all women are “oppressed” in this country. If she says yes, then she is a feminist, then you need to run. (See Guideline 2a: Omni-“Oppression”.)


Over the course of a marriage, women will change their hairstyles a lot, but feminists and their personality flaws almost never change. It takes everything just short of a miracle to get a feminist to change into an honest, virtuous woman. So you must avoid getting involved with a feminist from the outset.


Is it fair to weed-out feminists this way? Yes, because women do the same type of thing to men all the time.


What if you are a male feminist? Then go ahead and marry a feminist and good luck to you.  


What if you are only interested in physical beauty and are too feckless to ask the one challenge question?


If you’re going for great looks, then you should really go for great looks. Chances are her attitude won’t be any better or worse than any other woman picked at random (those are terrible odds). What if she turns out to be a feminist? As years go by her aged appearance might be bearable, but her bad attitude won’t be. A lot of men make the mistake of not weeding-out feminists and they pay dearly for it.


You should commit to the inner beauty of an honest, virtuous woman. That doesn’t mean she has to be the ugliest girl at the dance, but she must pass Challenge #1. Her answer should be something along the lines of, “No. We, women, aren’t ‘oppressed’. We should count our blessings because we have so much. Any feminist who bitches about being ‘oppressed’ would have to be the dumbest feminist on earth.”


Such a woman is a glorious display of honesty, virtue, love, respect, and patriotism. In other words, exactly the opposite of what feminism teaches women.