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Take Juan Williams' and Don Lemon's Advice

This article highlights the Underclass component of the FLSUGbDpp initialism as explained in the Political Matchups page.


Fox News Channel’s political analyst Juan Williams offered the following advice to the black community: stay in school, take a job and hold it, and don’t have children until you are married. The rest of his advice can be found at “Calling Out the Race Hustlers.” August 11, 2013.


CNN anchor Don Lemon offered similar advice to the black community: dress appropriately, finish school, and stop having children out of wedlock. The rest of his advice can be found at “Attack the Problem, Not the Messenger.” August 12, 2013.


Their advice is absolutely necessary for the Underclass of all races and everybody else.


All of us – from the political left to the right – need to help the Underclass become part of regular society. We need to help them, not through welfare, but through leadership of the type shown by Williams and Lemon. 


Helping the Underclass is a long-term problem. What I really want to do here is focus on how Feminists play the game to keep the Underclass where they are. I want to show the context and dynamic subtext of the FLSUGbDpp that will do everything they can to prevent Williams and Lemon’s advice from helping the Underclass.


The mantra of Feminism is: “We’re oppressed. We’re victims. Life owes us a living. This is all everybody else’s fault but ours.” Feminists try to teach the Underclass to hold the same attitude.


Williams and Lemon are hardly asking for the moon. But by saying, “You pull up your pants. You graduate from high school. You get a job,” they violate the mantra. It puts the locus of control – the accountability and responsibility – on the Feminist Underclass instead of on everybody else.


Their advice has the taste of personal responsibility, which is adjacent to virtue, which in turn comes frighteningly close to Judeo-Christian values, all of which are in direct opposition to the religion of Feminism and the cultural, political, and economic goals of the FLSUGbDpp.


Government bureaucrats provide the infrastructure for welfare dependency. The Feminist Media pumps out daily propaganda to support it. Liberals give it a thin veneer of legal moralism: if you support welfare, then you are non-racist and have compassion. If you are against it, then you are racist and lack compassion. Democratic Party politicians keep the welfare spending flowing. The Underclass is dependent on all of the above. What role do you think the Government school system plays in this?


Underclass culture is Feminism fully applied to society. If you want to see what all of society would look like under totalitarian Feminism, just observe the Underclass: Unwed mothers and unwed fathers, illegitimacy, poor education, crime, drugs, divorce, gambling, poverty, dependency, prostitution, abortion, and unemployment.


Have you ever noticed how the Underclass and Hollywood share the same values?


The Feminist Entertainment Media (Hollywood) aren’t big on marriage (Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn), have lots of illegitimate kids, talk a good game about Government schools (Matt Damon), commit crime (Winona Ryder’s shoplifting), and smoke a lot of marijuana (take your pick).


But aren’t celebrities totally cool and successful? Yes, because they have enough money to paper over all of their faulty lifestyle decisions.  


If Feminism is so maladaptive, then why are so many average white feminists (non-Underclass and non-Hollywood) comfortable with families, jobs, and nice homes? Because most white feminists know the whole mantra is a joke. It is just a game they play to deceive and manipulate people in their personal lives.


Many white feminists follow Williams and Lemon’s advice.


Teaching the Underclass to have an internal locus of control – personal accountability and responsibility – is a good thing. It means that it is within their control to graduate from high school. 


However, as long as the Feminist News/Entertainment Media and the rest of the FLSUGbDpp refuse to help, all of the advice and effort, to aid the Underclass, will fail.