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Post-Constitutional and Pre-Revolutionary

Mark Levin says we are living in a post-constitutional America.


At the same time they are undermining the Constitution, feminists are preparing for a violent revolutionary period. But don’t take my word for it; here is an excerpt from socialist feminist Alison Jaggar’s book, Feminist Politics and Human Nature. Page 339-340:


“Socialist feminists, by contrast, are sufficiently Marxist to be skeptical that the white male ruling class would give up its power without a violent struggle; however, they are confident that such a struggle could be won by the overwhelming majority of the population whom they see as their potential allies. Socialist feminists expect that there will be a distinctive revolutionary period, characterized by acute social turmoil, but they also expect that the outcome of this turmoil will be determined by the kind and quality of the pre-revolutionary activity that has preceded it. To this extent, they see themselves not so much as living the revolution as preparing for it and attempting in limited ways to prefigure it.” [Emphasis added.]


Regarding their expectation of “violent struggle”, “revolution”, and “turmoil”, the key point to understand is socialist feminists are currently trying to rig the outcome in their favor through “pre-revolutionary activity”. That activity involves undermining all of our institutions: the Constitution, democracy, military, free market economy, borders, language, culture, religion, marriage, and family, to name just a few.


Feminists know what I am explaining to you now, undermining all of our institutions is to undermine men, and undermining men is to undermine all of our institutions. Thus, their strategy is, simultaneously, to undermine men and to destroy all of America’s institutions and replace them with totalitarian socialist feminism.


Violent revolution initiated by socialist feminists is unlikely to happen any time soon. The Feminist Entertainment Media’s George Carlin gives away the reason and their plan. “I’d like for people to feel better and have better lives, but I don’t think that’s in the cards through political action. I think bloodshed is still the way you get dramatic change. That’ll never happen because they’ve got all the guns now.” Interview with Ricky Young. March/April 1997.


To have any chance of winning a violent revolution, they know they still need to spend the next several years and decades rigging the outcome in their favor through gun control, destroying our institutions, and more legislation, regulation, litigation, and taxation.


In the same interview, Carlin explains the two things that went wrong with people. “The two big mistakes were the belief in a sky god…and private property, which I think is at the core of our failure as a species.” His big-guy-in-the-sky gag is mildly amusing, but then he adds a powerful dose of communism by disapproving of private property. 


Won’t a lot of these feminists be deceased (Carlin died in 2008) long before socialism’s goals are achieved? Yes, but they enjoy being filthy rich in the meantime. University professors and comedians, such as Jaggar and Carlin, earn a lot of money. So do Government bureaucrats and Feminist News/Entertainment Media personalities. They are living the high-life while trying to force the rest of us into socialism.


If revolution is afoot, then why don’t we hear more about it from more people than just an obscure socialist feminist and a comedian? For the same reason the Democratic Party politicians don’t campaign telling you they want to raise your taxes and take away your guns. They know you won’t like it.


The Feminist Media is a huge propaganda machine trying to fool as many of you, as much as they can, for as long as they can – don’t wait until it is too late.


In the next article, “Leaders Take Action”, I suggest a few things we, Center Right Americans, can do to defeat the socialist feminists.