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Leaders Take Action

In the last article, “Post-Constitutional and Pre-Revolutionary”, you read a couple of paragraphs about socialist feminists expecting and preparing for revolution. It won’t happen. They came up with a different plan – a cold-revolution. Their plan is to legislate, regulate, litigate, and tax their way to more power and control.


Feminists, Liberals, and Socialists have already undermined and now mostly control four major institutions: the Government, Feminist News/Entertainment Media, Democratic Party, and Government school system. (See Political Matchups page.) From here, they will try to undermine and control all of our other institutions: the Constitution, democracy, military, free market economy, borders, language, culture, religion, marriage, and family, to name just a few.


Don’t let fatalism be an excuse for laziness. In other words, don’t idly wait for a revolution that will never happen – at least not for a few decades. Don’t just talk tough about our nation’s condition but then refuse to take action to help right now.


It’s true that “knowing is half the battle.” It explains why feminists deceive so much. (See Guideline 1b: Omni-Deceit and Manipulation.) Feminists understand that if you know what they are trying to do, then you can take action to defeat them. So they try to confuse you by adding as many layers of deceit as possible. (See Style of Argument 303: “complicated” and “mysterious”.)


We know the whom – feminists. We know the what – socialist feminism. We know the when – now. We know the where – everywhere in the United States. We know the how – by destroying all of our institutions through legislation, regulation, litigation, and taxation. 


Now that we know something about socialist feminism we can take action to defeat it.


Some of our goals -- such as a balanced budget amendment, ending baseline budgeting, ending affirmative action, and stopping illegal immigration -- we can only achieve as an organized group of compatriots.


Here are a few simple actions every Center Right American can, and should, take right now.


Cancel your subscriptions to the Feminist News Media.

For those of you who still subscribe to a newspaper or magazine, get your money back. Cancel now before any more of your subscription money is used up. Make paid print media go the way of the Dodo bird.


Won’t the print Feminist Media just move their writers’ articles to the Internet? Yes, but here is the difference. The average person has a limited amount of time and reads just a few articles. So even if feminists have 100 articles about a topic while conservatives have only 10, the Internet is essentially even.  


Watch less TV – the Feminist Entertainment Media.

I covered this one in the article, “TV – The Sewage Pipe”. It’s how feminists attack culture, religion, marriage, and family.


Stay informed.

There are many good places on the Internet for news, analysis, and commentary. A site I go to almost every day is Also, I like to go to,,, and I check the headlines on and


Concentrate our resources.

The best defense is a good offense. Contribute $100.00 per year to groups that share your principles. Contribute $100.00 to just one group, or $25.00 to four groups. A few good examples are Second Amendment rights organizations, tea party groups, and conservative women’s groups, such as the Network of enlightened Women.


I’m not saying you should contribute to a political party or to politicians. In a lot of ways politicians are followers not leaders. If we, all, contribute to organizations that share our principles, the politicians will follow.


Pulling your weight is vital to our success. I’m going to use a football metaphor. The other side has 110 players and we have 11 players. Only 11 can play at a time, but our players have to play on offense and defense and special teams. Each additional player helps our team a lot more than each additional player helps the feminists because feminists are already at the saturation point with money, media, and payments-in-kind.


Contribute and then rest easy knowing that you are doing something to help.


Have your own template website.

We need to stop reacting to the Feminist Media and start leading the conversation ourselves. Conservatives have achieved radio airwave superiority, but radio is like high-altitude bombing. It can only do so much. We need people on the ground to communicate with people and to follow up with face-to-face interaction.


Some of you are already doing this but we need a lot more. A few ideas for a template website: analyze the Feminist News/Entertainment Media, extol the virtues of homeschooling, explain small business ownership, specialize in a political issue, or several issues if you are ambitious.


The Internet gives us the opportunity to compete on a level playing field against the Feminist Media. We must not let this opportunity go to waste. We must reduce the feminists’ 10 to 1 media advantage. We need new media. We are the new media! 


Please don’t just sit there, do something – take action.