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Feminist Flattery

Here are a few excerpts from Josef Pieper's book, Abuse of Language—Abuse of Power:

“Human words and language accomplish a two-fold purpose...First, words convey reality...the second aspect in question, the interpersonal character of human speech.”

“A lie is the opposite of communication. It means specifically to withhold the other's share and portion of reality, to prevent his participation in reality.”

“From that moment on, to be precise, all conversation ceases; all dialogue and all communication come to an end. But what, then, is taking place? This very question is answered by Socrates with an old-fashioned term: flattery.”

“What, then, is flattery?” “The decisive element is this: having an ulterior motive.”


Flattery with an ulterior motive is similar to deceit and manipulation. (Guidelines 1b and 1c.)


Feminists use deceit and manipulation against men and use flattery with an ulterior motive against women. Men have been remarkably resistant to feminist deceit, but women have been almost completely dominated by feminist flattery.


When feminists attempt to use flattery against men, they not only fail, their ulterior motive is obvious. For example, We, feminist women, know that you, men, are jealous of women because they can get pregnant. We know that what you, men, really want is to be able to breast-feed your babies. So, it behooves men to become radical feminists so we can help you with your dream.



“'The world wants to be deceived', the saying goes; mundus vult decipi. This is indeed true, yet at the same time too narrow. What the world really wants is flattery, and it does not matter how much of it is a lie; but the world at the same time also wants the right to disguise, so that the fact of being lied to can easily be ignored. As I enjoy being affirmed in my whims and praised for my foibles, I also expect credibility to make it easy for me to believe, in good conscience or at least without a bad conscience, that everything I hear, read, absorb, and watch is indeed true, important, worthwhile, and authentic!”


If the saying goes, “feminist women want to be deceived by flattery,” it approaches 100% accuracy. Feminist women want to believe in their deceptive mantra: “We're oppressed. We're victims. Life owes us a living. This is all everybody else's fault but ours.” By complaining about a false problem (oppression), women get fem-flattery (undeserved pity and sympathy), and feminists get more of what they really want, their ulterior motive (money, power, and control), to solve their nonexistent problem.


Men are too honest to play that game. And, if men tried it and said, All men are oppressed, so since all of us, men, are oppressed, all of us, men, should get more money to make us happy, it wouldn't work. Men don't practice flattery with a self-serving ulterior motive, but that is almost the entire method of operation for today's pop-feminists.


Crucially important to feminist women, is the “disguise,” that the deceit can “easily be ignored”, that feminists can believe in the grand lie “in good conscience or at least without a bad conscience”. The “disguise” can take the form of complaining about something from 100 years ago. The attempt to fool their consciences can be seen in their belief that their deceit serves their legal moralism.



“Public discourse itself, separated from the standard of truth, creates on its part, the more it prevails, an atmosphere of epidemic proneness and vulnerability to the reign of the tyrant. Serving the tyranny, the corruption and abuse of language becomes better known as propaganda.”

“At the same time, those for whom the menace is intended must nevertheless be led and eased into believing (and that is the true art!) that by acquiescing to the intimidation, they really do the reasonable thing, perhaps even what they would have wanted to do anyway.”


The Feminist Media is a huge propaganda machine. Someone once made the keen observation that a conspiracy theory is the sophistication of ignorance. I believe feminism is the sophistication of deception. Sophisticated deception is the true art of feminist language and the Feminist Media.


Feminists know that women are easy to manipulate with fem-flattery. Tell women that they are beautiful and they believe it. Tell women that they are smart and they really believe that. Offer to pay women $100,000 a year and they will do anything you want them to do.


So, feminists use flattery (constant pity and constant praise) to advance their agenda. Feminists know that the vast majority of women won't oppose socialism (their ulterior motive) as long as women are the beneficiaries of their redistribution-of-everything plan; even if their gain comes at the expense of others and even if it comes at the expense of our nation's entirety. A socialist feminist government that robs Peter to pay Pauline, will always have the support of Pauline.


Therefore, feminists know that women make excellent government stooges. Billionaire Ted Turner has been quoted saying, “I think men should be barred from holding public office for a hundred years. The men have been running the world for the last thousands of years and they've mucked it up something awful.” If women were in control, “it would be a much more peaceful, prosperous, equitable world in a very short period of time. You'd have a huge shift away from military budgets and into education and health care.” (“Ted Turner touts new female-dominated board at his U.N. Foundation.” Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press Writer. November 24, 2003.)


Did you catch the fem-flattery? The compliment is obvious, it's a basic men bad/women good, play. The ulterior motive is a little more difficult to see. It is not surprising that Turner praises what he thinks is a “women's agenda.” It is exactly his agenda and he needs stooges to implement it. Women are easy for powerful, prosperous people--such as Turner--to control.


More peaceful? Except for 50,000,000 abortions the past several decades in the U.S. alone. More prosperous? Men have invented, designed, developed, built, and created the vast majority of U.S. prosperity. More equitable? I don't mind that Turner is a billionaire, but he wants to make the rest of us equally poor. You can only equalize downward.


An article from Canada's The Globe and Mail says Turner is, “a long-time advocate of population control” and that Turner endorses China's one-child only policy and that Turner, “urged world leaders to institute a global one-child policy to save the Earth's environment.” (“Ted Turner urges global one-child policy to save planet”. Shawn McCarthy. Dec. 05, 2010.)


Do you women see how international totalitarian socialist feminism might affect you? Now is the time to start speaking out.