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Feminism Is Liberalism Is Socialism (Part 5)

It is important that you understand the concept of a “zero-sum game.” It is a circumstance where someone's gain is the direct cause of someone else's loss, and someone's loss is the direct result of someone else's gain. A criminal stealing money from you is an example of a zero-sum game. He should get a job.


Socialist feminism is a zero-sum game mostly between females and males, but it is used to sort and divide other groups too. The socialist feminist U.S. is in conflict with the democratic and free-market U.S. They are in conflict on every level of our existence.


People in control of zero-sum games want tightly controlled parameters. There is now a governmental and non-governmental unicursal labyrinth created to help females with the complete exclusion of males.


Here is proof of that discrimination against males. The following excerpts are from the article, “22 States Committed to Mentoring 140,000 Girls in STEM Skills”. Business Wire. July 28, 2014. Notice how the Feminist Media portrays all women as victims of discrimination, meanwhile, liberal, radical, and socialist feminists are rigging the government, economy, political system, legal system, and school system in favor of women.


“The goal of the movement is to garner one million mentors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professions over the next four years, to collectively increase the interest and confidence of girls and young women in these academic areas.”


[Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa said,] “Mentors will be able to guide, encourage, and open doors for young women to be fully equipped for the great jobs of tomorrow in STEM-related careers.”


[Lt. Gov.] “Reynolds announced a national public-private model on ways to engage thousands of mentors for young girls and women to actively pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and careers.”


[Edie Fraser, CEO of STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors said,] “We expect big corporate and government pledge announcements in the fall.”

Do you see the blurring of the “public-private” distinction? It should sound familiar to you. It is straight out of the socialist feminist agenda. “Socialist feminists argue for abolishing the public/private distinction entirely.” (See entry “Feminism Is Liberalism Is Socialism” Part 4.)


The “movement” is the “collective action” of government bureaucracies on many levels, corporations, and the socialist feminist government school system. If you go to the website and click on “STEM Directory” you will see over 400 corporations listed (as of the date I posted this). The list includes: Ford, General Motors, General Electric, Facebook, Google, IBM, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Novartis, and Verizon.


“About Million Women Mentors: Launched on January 8, 2014, MWM is the collective action of over 54 national partners and 22 corporate sponsors (as of July 2014) designed to increase the number of girls and women within the high school to work age continuum that persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers.” [Italics in original.]


“About STEMconnector: STEMconnector is a consortium of over 110 companies, associations, academic institutions and government entities concerned with STEM education and the future of human capital. STEMconnector focuses on the STEM workforce and jobs, with a particular emphasis on diversity and women. Our work spans the entire pipeline (K-J—Kindergarten to Jobs) and how STEM education experiences translate into careers.”


Did you catch the phrase “with a particular emphasis on diversity and women”? Now you know why so many groups are for open borders and more and more H-1B visas. It is straight out of the socialist feminist agenda.


From the Democratic Socialists of America's document “Where We Stand.”

Section 4:

“New labor leadership has pledged to organize a workforce increasingly constituted by women, people of color, and immigrant workers.”


Socialist Party USA.

Their Platform page. Immigration:

“The Socialist Party works to build a world in which everyone will be able to freely move across borders, to visit and to live wherever they choose.”

“We call for full citizenship rights upon demonstrating residency for six months.”


Here is another excerpt about the same STEM program from a different source. “Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds announces Statewide STEM Female Mentoring Effort.” September 25, 2014.


“About Million Women Mentors (MWM)-Iowa. Million Women Mentors brings together leaders in business, government, and education to engage girls and young women to understand, develop interest and gain confidence so they can pursue and succeed in STEM courses, degrees, and careers. Created as part of the national Million Women Mentors movement in 2014, the MWM-Iowa initiative seeks to register 5,000 women (and men) in all 99 counties by 2018 to serve as mentors to achieve these three goals: Increase the percentage of high school girls planning to pursue STEM careers; increase the percentage of young women pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields; and increase the percentage of women staying in STEM careers.”


All of the above is more of the socialist feminists' “Life of Julia” plan where girls and women are taken care of by Big Mother government in every way.


But why won't they even allow some male students into the mentoring program so that the mix is 75% female and 25% male? Here's why. In a zero-sum game, socialist feminists see that 25% as more resource that could be taken from males and given to females. In a zero-sum game, where feminists have total control, they leave nothing to chance or freedom. All of the resources go to females.


It is noteworthy that Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa is a Republican. Federal money to the states is probably involved. I don't mind that Democratic Socialists and Republicans want to make a buck. But I do mind that they are selling-out patriotic Americans, and I do mind that they are undermining every American institution, and I do mind that socialism comes at the expense of democracy and the free-market system.


The only way this STEM mentoring program should continue is without any government role or money in it. The free-market system isn't perfect, but it is more meritocratic, innovative, and bountiful than socialism. We need to end affirmative action and we need mentors to “guide, encourage, and open doors” for young American males too.


Here is some advice for men. Don't just complain about discrimination and think women will acknowledge the complaint. Feminist women will deny your complaint and almost all other women will ignore it. Everything--including lodging complaints--is a zero-sum game to feminists. It is important to carefully point out examples of how feminism adversely affects men to make it difficult for feminists to deny. Our goal isn't to increase male complaining, it's to reduce female complaining. However, it is okay for men to complain if it is a valid complaint.


Do offer solutions to the problems feminism causes. I think this should be our plan regarding the STEM mentoring program.


Feminist Gloria Steinem started Take Our Daughters to Work Day, expressly excluding boys. From 1993 to 2003 it was Take Our Daughters to Work Day, as if 10-year-old boys have an innate sense of how corporations operate. Then, parents decided they didn't want their sons excluded any longer and demanded change. Now the day is known as “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.”


We will take the same action now. Check to see if your state government is involved in the STEM mentoring program. Check with your place of employment too. Check with the school where your children are enrolled. If any of the above are participating in the program, demand(!) that your sons--and boys and young men in general--are participating in the program too.